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Brocade FC transceivers support

Illustration Brocade FC transceivers support

The philosophy of the different generations of Brocade switches is to support transceivers of X datarate and X-1 datarate. Datarates lower than X-1 are managed by the X-1 daterate transceiver..

Example: Model G620 is a 32G FC switch. It therefore supports 32G SFPs and 16G SFPs. 8G and 4G speeds are supported by 16G optics which are multi-rate 16/8/4G.

Pureoptics provides 32G, 16G, 8G, gray and colored optics (DWDM, CWDM) for switches up to Gen6.

Pureoptics is also able to supply Brocade approved colored optics through our partner Smartoptics.

Since the release of Gen7 switches, Brocade has introduced the notion of “secure transceivers”. These transceivers are not currently available as compatible.