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Pureoptics Team

We have accumulated nearly 60 years in the field of networks and optics. This is an important guarantee of professionalism for our customers.
Illustration Pureoptics Team

Patrick Heintzmann


I have over 25 years of experience in the world of networks and telecoms. I co-founded Pureoptics in 2015 after having chaired ZYCKO France for nearly 10 years. I was also a shareholder of PROLABS, a pioneer company in Europe and the United States in the field of compatible optical transceivers.

Creator of a Franco-Occitan translation blog – only visible to him! Real encyclopedia of the Toulouse sport: he can quote the captain of the Stade Toulousain during the Toulouse-Béziers match on May 23, 1982 or the name of the last technical player of Téfécé in 1990. As he was born on the same day as Lionel Messi (not the same year), he thinks he has the same left foot. Musically, he stopped in 1972. Do not tell him that Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple have separated. Subscribed to Télérama for restaurants.

Philippe Evain

Managing director

I have 19 years of experience in IT distribution. Sales Manager Integrators at Azlan, then Sales Director at Zycko France, I master the environment of optical transceivers having distributed the Prolabs brand for 10 years in France.

Think that Brittany is the most beautiful region in the world. More seriously, he often compares the Merlus club to FC Barcelona. Listen, everything, for the misfortune of these colleagues: from Vianney to Muse to PNL. Diet every Monday morning. Spend his weekends at the edges of the Clamartois football field. His idol is Kilian Jornet; unfortunately not the same stride, nor the same times. Only subscriber to the 92 magazine «Le Mensuel du Morbihan».

Jeremy Py


With technical background, I managed support and maintenance operations for BT Services and SFR for 6 years. At the same time, I developed expertise in the field of optical and telecom networks.

McGiver of the company– he can fix everything with a toothpick, scotch and a screwdriver. Hasn’t picked up a call on a landline in 15 years. He doesn’t know what it looks like. Nobody really knows if he is from Toulouse or Martinique because he regularly listens to the band Gold in Zouk version. Has a knock on the coffee – he only drinks Ristretto from Ristretto. Woe to him who offers him a Long coffee. He runs 10 kilometres in less than 30 minutes – well, that’s his GPS watch. Technology never makes mistakes.

Our favorites in South of Pigalle

Patrick recommends the restaurant «Lorette & les Garçons». Pierre and Vincent are fifty years old, have worked for the Dumant brothers and offer a quality card.

He also likes the setting and food offered by «Mieux» and does not hate to order a K2 menu at «One More Sushi».

The Pub «La croix de Saint Georges» allows you to finish the working day on a good note!